The Benefits of Group Therapy

If you ask most people to dream up a scene in their mind of what therapy is like, they may paint a picture of a client laying on a couch baring their soul to a spectacle wearing cross-legged therapist writing feverishly on a notepad. This type of one-on-one appointment may be what some people prefer when they seek therapy, but it’s not for everyone and it’s not the only option. Group therapy, usually attended by a group of people who share a similar characteristic (women’s groups for example) or those with a similar interest (grief counselling, anger management, drug or alcohol recovery…etc.) is also a viable option.

Attending therapy in a group setting can often provide a different perspective than an individual session would. Group therapy can allow you to heal and grow in a safe space and with a committed community. Here are some of the many benefits of group therapy:

Benefits of Group Therapy #1: Community

One of the biggest benefits of group therapy is the built in community that it offers. Often times when we are struggling, we can feel alone or isolated. We feel as if no one else in the world feels the way we do. Group therapy allows us to engage with a community of people who feel the same way or people with similar experiences or struggles.

Group therapy is a great way to build community and support from a group of people we may have never come across on our own.

Benefits of Group Therapy #2: Share Perspectives

Along with community building, group therapy  can also offer members an opportunity to gain new perspectives while sharing their thoughts and feelings. By bringing a group of individuals together, members can expect to hear a variety of thoughts, stories and experiences. Facilitators of group therapy can foster a safe environment to gain feedback and anecdotal advice from attendees and therapists alike. Simply listening to the stories of everyone can help provide a multifaceted experience.

Benefits of Group Therapy #3: Cost Effective

An unexpected bonus when considering group therapy is the cost. Often times group therapy can be a more cost effective option to traditional one-on-one sessions. Group tends to be longer than an average session and are usually practised on a regular weekly basis. This means that when broken down by hour, the cost to attend group therapy is often more cost effective.

Benefits of Group Therapy #4: Commitment

One of the biggest advantages of group therapy is the commitment that is required. Life can get busy and when this happens it can be easy to reschedule your regular session. Group Therapy involves a commitment of time both to yourself and your fellow group attendees. This is needed to help foster a positive group culture. Group Therapy is an active commitment which requires your participation not only for the benefit of yourself, but also the other members of the group.

Interested in group therapy? At Reflection Centre we offer a variety of different group options, starting at different times throughout the year. For a glimpse of our current group therapy options, visit our Group and Workshops Page for more information.

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