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Our Barrie location centre provides a variety of group therapy and workshops. Group therapy has been proven to be beneficial for numerous reasons. It provides individuals with a supportive environment to explore their thoughts, feelings, and issues. Group therapy allows individuals to connect with others who are going through similar situations, which can be beneficial for people who feel as if they are alone in their struggles. Group therapy is also a more cost-efficient / affordable alternative to therapy for those who are unable to afford weekly, or bi-weekly sessions. 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Some key benefits of group therapy are:

1)   The group dynamic offers a supportive, accepting environment that can reduce stigma and isolation

2)   Similarities among individuals can provide a sense of community and an opportunity to find new ways of coping with issues 

3)   The group provides a safe environment 

4)   Group members can gain hope and learn from different strategies

5)   Group therapy allows members to better understand how they can relate to others and make positive changes in their relationships

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Our workshops provide individuals with a unique set of skills and tools to implement into their daily life and relationships. Each workshop has a different topic and offers individuals an opportunity to learn outside of the therapeutic environment.   

Please see our “Workshops and Groups” page for more details on our upcoming workshops and groups.