Support – we all need it at times!

Support — we all need it at times. There can be various types of support, including physical, emotional, mental, and cultural, and each category can positively impact individuals’ lives in different ways. For example, you’re sitting on your couch watching TV, and all of a sudden you grab the pillow next to you, and place it behind your head. You immediately feel a sense of relief, and you can relax because you’ve given yourself physical support! This is one of the many types of support that all of us experience on a daily basis. Support can positively impact our wellbeing in various ways — and can be especially useful during these uncertain times.

Here are some ways that you can receive support, in the comfort of your own home!


Whether you’re lying down, sitting up, or standing — you can physically support your body to relieve any type of physical pain you are experiencing. Grab a blanket, lay back on the couch, or lean on the wall — you deserve it!


This may not be tangible, but it can be a crucial aspect to development, interaction, and psychological wellness. If you’re feeling like you need a helping hand, talk to someone you trust. This type of support may relieve a (metaphorical) weight off of your shoulders, enabling you to continue managing your wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This can involve someone being supported by friends, family, and even some services catered to working with people in need of some help. The Canadian government has provided information for financial support for individuals and businesses, to help everyone during these difficult times. You can find that information here:

As we go through these tough times, we may forget to address our individualized needs. Being supported — whether it tangible, informational, social, or emotional — can help us all get through this unprecedented time together.

Reflection Centre is also here for you if you require for our counselling services. If you have any questions about Reflection Centre — feel free to contact us anytime.

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