Free Fallin’

Free Fallin’ -As the summer days are continuing to pass by, many of us are beginning to think about some changes that are around the corner, including one that leads to beautiful forests – as leaves turn red, orange, and yellow!Even though Fall brings us beautiful scenery, many of us are embarking on new journeys. Some of us are beginning to go back to work or school in different (in-person) capacities, while others are discovering new things about themselves, as we all gear up for another COVID related season to begin. In short, these changes can make us feel like we’re free fallin’

With different changes on the horizon – here are a few ways to help ease into Fall:

Go with the Flow

Whether you’re starting work or school, or will continue to do what you’ve been doing all summer – taking things day by day can ease any stressors that may arise, with any changes that get brought into life. Take a deep breath, meditate, and slowly but surely you will adapt to whatever is blowing your way (including some leaves!).

Appreciate the Nature around you

The Autumn season offers an array of beauty outside. Taking a minute to go on a walk, hike, or even have a picnic, can lead you to focus on the beautiful nature surrounding you. Seeking peace in nature can lead to you having an easy transition into Fall – and everything it brings along with it.

As Fall approaches, hopefully we can all appreciate our surroundings, and stop to smell the proverbial ‘leaves’…Thank you and enjoy free fallin’ in love with fall!

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