Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays From Reflection Centre

The holidays are here!

It’s definitely the time of year when you can take a walk and become mesmerized by the wonderful Christmas lights and decorations, or be fascinated by your own tree at home! it is a great time to begin reflecting on the year, the holidays, and the people around you (in spirit!).

This year things are looking much different than last year. With the current provincial lockdown in place for the province of Ontario, Christmas gatherings are being put on hold, with celebrations and traditions being modified to fit this year’s COVID-19 pandemic regulations. As Christmas and the holidays are usually times to rejoice with loved ones and celebrate life, it can be difficult for many people during this time with these new restrictions that are put in place.

Here are some ways to help you keep up your holiday spirit:

1. Celebrate Virtually

Even though you may not be able to have your annual work or friends Christmas party – with less prep time for in-person events, this gives you ample opportunity to pick up the
phone or computer and celebrate with friends and loved ones virtually! You can plan an entire Christmas celebration online – with Christmas music, a mistletoe, and even some virtual dancing – to help fulfill
your Christmas spirit while improving your feelings of connectedness.

2. Bake cookies

Everyone likes a good Christmas cookie! Baking a batch of Christmas (or any) themed cookies can help you get into the Christmas mood, and leaving a batch of cookies on friends’ or
family’s porches would get them into the real holiday spirit as they have a huge smile on their faces!

3. Talk to Your Friends and Family

What is your favourite memory of Christmas? Your favourite part about the holidays? Having these conversations can help you feel connected to others, as friends and family support one another through these difficult (and temporary!) times.

Just remember – you are not alone, and we are in this together!

Happy Holidays!

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