Mental Health During the Holidays

And just like that, we have entered the season of Winter! During this season, people are scurrying to get their snow tires on, children are overjoyed at making snow angels and snowmen, and everyone starts to bundle up by putting on their favourite mittens and hats. With Winter, comes a very special time for a lot of us here in Canada – a time of joy, fun, and gatherings with loved ones: The Holidays. Whether you’re beginning to put up that Christmas tree, setting up the Menorah candles for Hannukah, wrapping gifts for Kwanzaa, or celebrating the joy of life with no holiday affiliation – this simply remains a special time for Canadians.

 As the holidays are approaching, and the New Year is on the horizon, it can be a good time for self-reflection and preparation for going into this holiday season. Especially since the holidays will be different this year – not as many hugs, no gatherings, and no shared food around the table with your extended family and friends – now can be a good time to think about some positives of the holidays for this upcoming year:

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help prioritize your mental health through the holidays:

  1. What am I looking forward to the most about these upcoming holidays?

  2. Is there anyone I want to reach out to, a family member or friend
    who I may not see this time around because of COVID?

  3. What is one holiday activity that I really enjoy doing, that makes
    me feel joy inside?

  4. What do I value most about the holidays?

 Some simple self-reflection can inspire you to take action during the holiday times, propelling you to learn new things, reinforce important connections, and feel a sense of ‘togetherness’ even though we may remain far apart.

Even if the holidays will look slightly different this year – there can still be a lot to celebrate and enjoy, and everyone can be together in safe and creative ways this year.

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