Winter Wonderland

As Fall quickly ends its course, the weather begins to get chilly, and 
the beginning of snowfall approaches us here in Southern Ontario, soon enough we’ll be walking in a winter wonderland. As
 COVID-19 remains a prominent aspect of all of our lives, winter may
not seem so ‘wonderful’ to some of us out there.

With winter comes 
shorter days, longer nights, colder weather, and less outside
interactions with friends and family who are not in our ‘bubbles’.

This may be difficult for some of us to navigate, as this new normal
is slowly integrating into our lives, and affecting our interactions
with others.

Even though we may have to make some changes – these
changes may not be so bad, as there are still some creative ways to
unite us all – while still being safe!

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland

Connect with your friends over a snowball fight! The 
snow can be a great gathering place, where friends can engage in fun
(and safe) activities to maintain social interactions and distancing.
Friends can go tobogganing, skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding,
skiing, and participate in many other fun-filled snow themed
activities during this winter.

Hot Coco

 For the more adventurous (and cold-bearing) friends -
brew up a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, and invite some friends over
for some warm drinks! Even if the cold prevents people for staying too
late – a short visit with a comforting drink can warm the heart and
soul during these difficult times.

Online Activities

In the era of 2020 – virtual meetings and games
may lead to lots of warm laughter and social fun, as friends can play
online games, and call each other to laugh about mistakes and online

As we begin to embark on this new journey, it can be helpful to remain
hopeful, stay safe, and interact with friends and family – to feel
supported, united, and together.

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties navigating through
this long Winter – feel free to reach out to us on our website, and
here are some useful resources to help anyone feel supported:

Contact us today!

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