Season’s Centre For Grieving Children

During the pandemic the Reflection Centre team had the exciting opportunity to participate as supporters in Season’s Centre For Grieving Children’s Brick By Brick Campaign. As a symbolic celebration, we were able to take part in their mortgage snipping ceremony, signalling their ability to pay off their mortgage on the space they use to help grieving children in the Barrie Community and beyond. 

If this is your first time hearing about this organization, here’s what you need to know:

What is the Seasons Centre For Grieving Children? 

In their own words, Seasons Centre for Grieving Children “provides peer to peer support groups in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, safe, home like atmosphere for children, teens, young adults and caregivers grieving death of a loved one; supporting them as they adjust emotionally to regenerate a sense of self and reconstruct their world.”

The Centre was founded in 1995 and has been serving the Barrie community and beyond through the donations and support of local community, businesses, grants and fundraising events.

Why Is Grieving So Important For Children? 

Having the room to grieve as a child is vital for wellbeing. Grief looks different for everyone and children are no exception. It’s important for caregivers to support children through the process and have access to resources which can help both them and the child to process strong emotions. The Centre provides support for both child and caregiver and utilizes a variety of modalities related to grief counselling.

What This Means For Us?

Since Reflection Centre offers family, youth and adolescent counselling as an integral piece of the work we do, it’s important for our team to support like-minded organizations within our community to ensure the Barrie and Simcoe County area has a variety of accessible options available to them.

The Brick By Brick Campaign

The Brick By Brick Campaign is supported by a number of local community members and corporate sponsors. The campaign was first created to help support the original construction of the centre and has now been used to pay off the remaining mortgage, thereby allowing the centre to grown and provide services beyond their four walls.

Do you know a child in need of support through the grieving process? Contact us today to explore the resources available.

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