What Is A Parenting Coordinator?

This blog is part of a series focusing on Family Separation/Divorce and Co-Parenting in the best interest of the child! Today’s focus will be parenting coordinators.

 It’s no secret that divorce or separation can be a life changing event. Not only does it affect the two people in the former relationship, but it can also involve family members including minors and children.

 There is no road map for a conflict free separation, and no one size fits all solution. That being said, there are  many tools that can be used to help mitigate conflict and provide support for all parties involved.

One such tool in the divorce or separation toolkit is a Parenting Coordination.

 Unlike some other terms in the custody, divorce or separation sphere, Parenting Coordination is not always well known or understood. So, we’d like to break down the basics here, so you’re able to learn about a different modality that may work for your unique situation.

 Let’s start with a simple definition: “A Parenting Coordinator is a qualified neutral person appointed by the court, or agreed to by the parties, to facilitate the resolution of day to day parenting issues that frequently arise within the context of family life when parents are separated”

Who is Parenting Coordination for?

 Parenting coordination is beneficial for parents experiencing moderate to high conflict regarding the day-to-day responsibilities of co-parenting while separated or divorced. There is no limit on the amount of time the parents have been separated. Coordination can help parents who are currently in the process of separation and individuals who have been separated for many years. A Parenting Coordinator acting as a neutral third party can help bridge the gap between parents in conflict, ultimately working towards the best interest of the child.

 How Does Parenting Coordination Work?

 Parenting Coordination is a service entered into upon the agreement of BOTH parents either independently or as part of legal proceedings. The length of time is determined by both parties prior to entering the agreement and can be terminated earlier if both parties are in agreement. If both parties do not agree to end the arrangement before the original timeline, the timeline will not change.

Parenting Coordinators work with both parents to arrive at mutual decisions regarding child care and are focused on determining the best course of action for the child involved. If both parties (with the aid of the coordinator) cannot come to a mutual agreement regarding day-to-day parenting tasks, the Parenting Coordinator has the ability to make their own informed decision.

Parenting coordinators do not make decisions about parenting schedules, legal custody (decision making authority) or mobility. 

How can Parenting Coordination Benefit My Family?

 Parenting Coordinators can help reduce the tension between parents who experience conflict regarding every day parenting terms for their children. A third party, can make impartial determinations which will benefit the child or minor involved. Parenting Coordinators can be a source of help and support for all types of families including newly separated families and/or families who wish to seek support years after separation has occurred.

How Can I Get Started With a Parenting Coordinator?

 If you’re interested in Parenting Coordination, you can reach out to a Parenting Coordinator directly with the agreement of the other parent. If you’re currently in the process of separation and/or custody agreements, you may be advised by the court to seek the support of a Parenting Coordinator as part of legal proceedings.

If you’re within Simcoe County or the surrounding area and would like more information on Parenting Coordination, you can contact our experience coordinators today at (705) 792-1313.

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