September: Suicide Prevention Month

This September has been a transitionary period for many people -
parents transitioning into work, children transitioning into school -
with each one of us facing trials and tribulations on our new journeys
 back into the ‘new normal’. With everything going on – it is important
to remember that Suicide Prevention Awareness Month can be a helpful
outlet for many people who may be struggling.

The Canadian Mental Health Association noted that suicide is the
second leading cause of death among Canadians under 25 years old. The
key message of the Suicide Prevention Month campaign is “You 
Are Not Alone”.

It is important to advocate for our friends and peers
in need, and communicating with someone who has had an off day, or has
experienced suicidal thoughts – can make all the difference.

with those who have lost loved ones to suicide can help offer them
support, compassion, and understanding as they go through their own
personal journeys.

Here are some helpful resources if you or anyone you know is
experiencing suicidal thoughts, ideations, and/or behaviours:

Crisis Services Canada:

Hours: Available 24 hours for calls;

Available 4 PM—12 AM ET for

Languages: English, French.

SMS: 45645

Suicide Warning Signs and Prevention Information:

Kids Help Phone:


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