Support Your Mental Health This Spring

Spring has officially sprung in Ontario and to celebrate the longer days, sun filled evenings and warmer temperatures, we wanted to talk about all the ways you can support your mental health this Spring season.

As Canadians, we know that winter comes each year, but nothing seems to prepare us for (what feels like) 6 months of cold, dark days and how they affect our mood and overall health. Winter blues are real and scientifically proven to affect our mental health, no wonder we see our cities come to life at the first signs of above zero temps. To celebrate the first week of Spring, here are some ways you can support your mental health into the warmer months:

1.     Get Outside

Now that the weather is a little warmer, bust out those sneakers and explore the newly emerged greenery around you! It can sometimes be hard to get out of the house if you’re really not feeling it, but if you have a furry friend, they can help persuade you to get out there and enjoy the sun. Don’t have a dog waiting patiently by the front door? Consider taking the kids out, set up a walking date with your significant other or throw your coffee in a travel mug and meet up with a friend.

2.     Crack A Window

Not feeling up to leaving the house today? Consider opening up a few windows and airing out the stale winter air. Take a que from your cat and curl up in the warm sun soaked patch of your couch. Bask in the vitamin D and sounds of nature or the city coming to life outside.

3.     Embrace The Social Distanced Social Gathering

Winter has been especially rough this year due to Covid restrictions. Many of us haven’t seen friends or family for the better part of a year and this lack of social interaction is very hard on many of us! Depending on your region, considering arranging an outdoor lunch date with a few of your friends, co-workers or family. It’s important to always make sure you’re wearing a mask and adhering to the 6 feet distance rule as well as all Covid mandates in your municipality!

4.     Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Can’t get out of bed today? Don’t beat yourself up! Take each day is it comes and evaluate how you’re feeling! If you can’t bring yourself to leave the house for a walk, it’s ok to just sit on your front porch for five minutes. Can’t do that? It’s OK! You’re doing your best and beating yourself up for not doing more wont change that! Tomorrow is another day!

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