Teens & Young Adults

Adolescent counselling is aimed to help children, teens and young adults address the struggles they may be facing in life by providing a safe, non-judgmental environment where they can make sense of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. You may notice changes in your teen’s eating or sleeping habits, isolation, difficulties in social situations, fearfulness, prolonged sadness, sensitivity, mood swings, low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions, etc. We recognize that these behaviours are symptoms generally exhibited by teens due to developmental growth, physical and mental changes, difficulties at school or home, and/or adjusting to new environments. 


Build a positive therapeutic alliance with your teen

Our mission at the Reflection Centre while working with children, teens, and young adults has proven to strengthen connection and create successful family relationships. Our professional team of therapists and life coaches will bring relief to the concerns your child may be experiencing. The Reflection Centre provides a safe, supportive environment while building a positive therapeutic alliance with your teen, allowing them to find strength, grow and learn new coping skills/solutions.