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Meditation and mindfulness originally associated with religions like Buddhism have grown in popularity In the psychology community over the years and are now often used as a technique in many therapy practices. Individuals struggling with anxiety, in particular, have found great success when establishing a regular practice, as mindfulness helps us tune into the here and now, instead of forecasting the future and worrying about the “what if” scenarios that anxiety disorders are so good at producing.

Meditation or mindfulness courses are becoming more readily available within our communities and are even beginning to be recognized by insurance providers and government health care as coverable health resources. The practice of savouring the here and now is even making its way into the high paced digital world, with many new apps being created to help us access meditation courses and relaxation techniques right from our phones. These apps can be used on their own or as an extension of the work you do with your therapist.

Below are just a few of the many convenient meditation and mindfulness apps available to you anywhere and at any time:


Headspace is a meditation app for both android and apple devices that provides individual meditation sessions, as well as courses tailored to your specific needs. Whether your struggling with focus, stress, self-esteem or any number of other things you’d like to tackle, Headspace will more than likely have what you’re looking for. The app offers a free trial for new users and along with many meditations and courses, also offers short animated videos to help illustrate the topic along the way.


Calm is another amazing app which helps users relax through a variety of meditations, both broad breathing exercises and more specific guided courses. They also offer relaxing music, a tool that helps you measure your breathing and the ability to customize the user interface. After doing one of the sleep focused meditations, you can relax and enjoy one of our favourite features of the app, the sleep stories, narrated by some very famous voices. Like Headspace, this app also offers a trial period for new users.

Insight Timer

Part meditation app, part community building, Insight Timer is another great app for mindfulness meditation. This app has the widest variety by far, as it is based on user-generated meditations. Users can upload their own guided meditations, talks or music to the platform, making it a hybrid of meditation resources and social media. You can sift through a variety of meditation styles, including both secular and religious-based sessions, all without having to worry about when your free trial will end. The app offers both free use, as well as an enhanced paid version.

With so many new resources available, meditation and mindfulness have never been easier to practise!

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